Thursday, May 1, 2008

prenatal swimming - a DO!!!

so there i was, smack in the middle of the first few exhausting, nauseating weeks of my second pregnancy. ...and there they were. the ugly beginnings of, yes...varicose veins. i quickly googled pregnancy & varicose veins, and found that--lucky me--they get progressively worse with each subsequent pregnancy. great.

so while my 'net surfing had made me confident that the ugly, bulgy things would probably go away after baby #2 arrives, in the meantime i had a problem. they HURT. they hurt when i stood for long periods of time. they even hurt when i got out of bed in the morning and just stood to brush my teeth.

so i dragged my tired, preggo butt outside and started swimming. at first i started with 40 laps per swim. then, i slowly worked up to 60, and then 80. now, i'm logging over 100 about 3 times/week.

and you know what...? after a few weeks of swimming regularly, those nasty veins stopped hurting. and i mean completely. how cool is that?

not only that, i feel great. i have tons more energy, and am only gaining my healthy pregnancy lbs that my Doc prescribes.

so go ahead...get out there and swim! or walk. or do prenatal yoga. the point is, take a little bit of time especially for yourself and your health. your body and baby-to-be will thank you for it.

P.S. ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS check with your Doctor before starting ANY exercise program.

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