Wednesday, June 18, 2008

juicy before juice boxes

your hips are expanding, your ankles are swelling, your back're pregnant. so maybe you don't always feel so hot on the inside, but there is no reason you can't look SO HOT on the outside. we know real beauty is only skin deep, but mama, if looking sexy during pregnancy is a crime...we're your partners in crime! check out this great pair of maternity jeans by juicy couture. made of distressed stretch denim and featuring a three inch elastic front waistband, these jeans will keep you as comfortable as you are fashionable. pair them with the 2 chix chalk v-neck peek-a-boo tee or the black we're hungry tee, slip on your favorite flats and you're good to the little league game, to your prenatal yoga class, or to starbucks for that non-fat, decaf, one pump latte you've been jonesin' for all day.

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