Monday, July 21, 2008

itz about time

so, you have this beautiful new baby. yay! it's a miracle! i'm so happy! now,what exactly do i do with said infant? how often should i feed him? what if i feed him too often? how often should he sleep? how often do i change him? how will i remember when he slept and when he ate and when I changed him? ahhhhhh! don't. you. worry. 2 chix has your back. one of our own pregnant "chix" received a gift that solves the post-baby combination pregnesia/sleep deprivation problem: ITZBEEN. this baby care timer was invented by a new mom and dad who, running on very few zzzz's, were too groggy and foggy to remember all the baby care details they needed to remember. the ITZBEEN comes with four timers for changing, feeding, napping and more. it even reminds you which "side" you last fed baby with. now you can put your pregnesia to much better as the reason why you can't be trusted to be responsible for feeding the cat or calling your mother-in-law on a regular basis ;)

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