Monday, September 8, 2008

don't worry, be happy

we recently came across a pretty cool prenatal we're passing it on to all you mamas-to-be who could use a little peace and relaxation (by our calculations, that's roughly...all of you!). jill wodnick has put out a cd entitled prenatal peace and calming. the cd features theraputic sounds and words that are designed to reduce maternal anxiety and stress. also, a portion of the proceeds of each sale goes directly to earthbirth, a non-profit organization helping to make childbirth safe and peaceful in war torn nations. so...before the baby arrives...pop in your cd, pick up your hot cup of soothing green tea, slip on your coziest sweats (or your comfiest maternity clothing...hint, hint...), curl up on your laziest couch, and just relax...for the last time in your life. ...just kidding!!! ;)

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