Wednesday, October 1, 2008

snug as a bug

hello fellow chix! today, we're shining the spotlight on one haute "momtrepreneur"- accessories designer and stay-at-home mama, elizabeth wilson. frustrated with the lack of stylish baby accessories on the market, elizabeth started making her own baby blankets. before long, everyone on the block was requesting her sassy custom-made "woobies" to give as shower gifts and to wrap around their own little bambinos. soon, with the help of her mother mary (a seamstress) and her sister victoria, elizabeth turned her talent and hobby into a thriving business. sells unique, high-end, ultra-hip baby blankets made from luxurious fabrics such as chanille, silk brocade, flannel and satin. oooooooo, tres chic! they also offer a selection of organic and hypoallergenic woobies AND they donate a portion of the profit of all sales to several different charitable organizations. but, the best best best thing about luvmywoobie? each super-adorable cozy blankie features a special baby pocket equipped with velcro closures so your baby can feel as safe and snuggly as a baby kangaroo. we chix wonder if luvmywoobie can make mommy-sized woobies...featuring an i'm-having-a-hectic-day pocket that is always magically filled with chocolate and glasses of red wine ;)

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