Wednesday, August 13, 2008

extra, extra, read all about it

if you are expecting your first baby, let's face it...your world is about to be rocked. and, being bombarded with advice is a part of pregnancy we don't necessarily...ummm, cherish. that said, there are some very well-written books on the market today that can really help parents-to-be prepare for their new arrivals. our resident preggofabulous "chick"offers these books as her 3 picks for best baby's-almost-here-and-we're-still-clueless pieces of literature:

1. the happiest baby on the block, by dr. harvey karp- covering topics such as colic, why babies cry and how to soothe a baby, this is an easy & interesting read that of course you won't ever need because your baby is not going to cry ;)

2. happy child, healthy sleep habits, by marc weissbluth- being deemed the "sleep bible" by some of our mama-chick friends, we're told..."don't give birth without it." check it out for yourself...and get more zzzzzz's.

3. girlfriend's guide to pregnancy: or everything your doctor won't tell you, by vicki iovine- fun, wise and witty. takes a sassy look at everything from cesareans to cellulite and puts it all in laywoman's terms. it's one giant "you go girl!" for the expectant mama.

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