Tuesday, August 26, 2008

tattoo you

if you're anything like us mama-chix, taking your very young child to a big crowded place like an amusement park is just plain scary. ok, let's be honest. taking your toddler to target requires the patience of a saint so the mere thought of going headlong into a day of lines and rides and sticky cotton-candy fingers is enough to send us running for the hills...or the spa. aside from the obvious challenge of taking a toddler well, anywhere, is the constant nagging fear that she'll find a way to wander off in the split second it takes for you to hand the cashier $15.00 for the giant, over-priced, lollipop she's now having for dinner. well, we can't give you another set of eyes...or an extra pair of hands...or your money back for that lollipop that ended up in the dirt next to the ferris wheel, but we may be able to give you a small piece of mind. mother and inventor michele welsh created these cool safety tats- temporary tattoos the child wears that indicate the number to call in case she pulls a houdini move. the tattoos simply read, if lost please call... and are personalized with your cell phone number. there are also allergy and in case of emergency tattoos. yes, you still have to push the stroller while holding the diaper bag, the doll she couldn't leave home without, her favorite blankie, her melting ice cream cone and her hand, but as an extra measure of safety (as toddlers are inexplicably good escape artists)...check out www.safetytats.com.

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