Wednesday, December 10, 2008

the first time ever i saw your face

ever wonder what your baby looks like while he's swimming around in your belly? sure, you've seen a grainy outline of the little tyke on your 2d ultrasound and attempted to tell his head from his...well, you know. But, how cool would it be to have a clear view of him all cozied up in his little pre-fab belly condo? the inside story ultrasound, located in houston, tx, provides 3d/4d ultrasounds using their state-of-the-art ge voluson 730 ultrasound machine, which allows you to see your baby chick in real-time movement and receive color pictures with unsurpassed resolution and clarity. awesome! we say, spy on him now...while he's still too little to post a "no parents allowed" sign on his bedroom door ;)

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