Wednesday, January 28, 2009

surfin' USA

we chix do we protect our little chix from the internet while helping them become computer savvy, a skill that will serve them well later in life? unless you actually sit at the computer with your child every time she is on it, thus inhibiting independence and the thinking skills involved in figuring out how to use the internet, you run the risk of your child stumbling upon sites she should not stumble upon. the answer, we think, is Kido'z. kido'z is a kids browser that let's children browse on their own in a protected environment- it only gives them access to approved sites. mama chix tells us even their 3 and 4 year olds can use kido'z browser. just go to www.kido' and download the browser onto your computer. you can even set up 2 different users on your computer so once you log your child into her user screen, her only browser choice is kido'z. now if only there was a similar application that would prevent our 2-year olds from making random calls to our friends on our cell phones... ;)

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